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How to Make Money through Private Lending in Real Estate

Do you ever wish you could take advantage of the high yields offered by a direct investment in real estate?  Most people are unaware they can. Since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) went into effect, retirement account holders can invest in a wide variety of investments outside of traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds, including loaning…

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Capital & Low Rates Fueling Real Estate Optimism

Why the Recent Surge in Real Estate Optimism? According to a survey conducted by international law firm DLA Piper, commercial real estate executives are overwhelmingly optimistic on the outlook for their industry through the next 12 months. DLA Piper’s Global Real Estate Practice Co-Chairman, Jay Epstein, says “The abundance of capital and low interest rates are big factors.”

Investing in Commercial Real Estate with a Real Estate IRA

If you are like most real estate investors, you are looking for ways to diversify. In addition, if most of your money is in a brokerage account, you are frustrated with the limited options currently available to you. Consider investing in commercial real estate with a Real Estate IRA. As Clifford Jack, Executive VP for Jackson National Life Insurance Company,…

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Are the Recent Real Estate Investing Opportunities Over?

Do you think that you missed the real estate investment window? Think again. Many opportunities are still available in the real estate market. Here are some real estate investing opportunities to consider: Foreclosures – There are still a ton of foreclosed properties out there available at values even under today’s prices. Some of these foreclosures have yet to hit the…

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Overcoming Real Estate IRA Questions, Concerns and Objections

Anytime one is presented with something new that may challenge their understanding of investing, a couple of things can happen: They fiercely defend their actions and investments up until that point. They immediately look for all the reasons why they should not follow your advice. The secret to helping as many people as possible take advantage of the Real Estate…

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Modernize Your Fixed Income Portfolio with Real Estate

  It used to be that most fixed income portfolios were generic. Most people had the same types of investments and had them in similar proportions. In recent years, investors have realized that many portfolios could perform at a higher level if diversified and modernized into alternative investment options. Let us look at those two concepts separately. Diversifying your fixed income…

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