Private Entities

Supercharge Your IRA For Growth By Investing In Private Entities

Investing in private companies used to be the domain of the ultra-wealthy, but in recent years there’s been increased accessibility through crowdfunding portals and alternative investment marketplaces. It is no surprise that IRA investors who have been discouraged with the volatility of the stock market are happy to know their IRA can be used to invest into private companies.

Popular investment structures utilized for private entity investments:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Limited Partnerships (LP)
  • Private Placements (Reg D)
  • Private Funds
  • Venture Funds
  • Startups/Angel Investing
  • Private REITs
  • Business Development Companies (BDC)
  • Syndications
  • Private Stock

These vehicles range from hundreds to millions of dollars, giving investors flexibility on how much exposure they want in the private market. Whichever route you go, and how much you put in, will depend on your investment goals.


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