We Make Alternative Investing Easy

Redirect Your Money Beyond the Stock Market

Self-Directed IRA Investors

Embrace your freedom to direct your hard-earned monies into tax-favored alternative assets and gain control of your financial future.

Investment Advisors / Brokers Dealers

Alternative investments attract the high-net-worth clientele you desire. We can help you position your firm to custody the unique assets they demand.


Learn how to tap the $25 trillion retirement plan marketplace to raise private capital from individual investors using an alternative IRA.

Money is Personal. Invest On Your Terms.

Vantage provides alternative custody services for self-directed investors, investment advisors and alternative asset sponsors who believe alternative investments are the best fit for their retirement portfolios.


What Are Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments are broadly defined as any direct investment offered outside the stock market. The most popular alternative assets we custody include real estate, private company stock, partnerships/LLCs, private notes and private funds.

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