Are the Recent Real Estate Investing Opportunities Over?

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Real Estate Investing Opportunities

By J.P. Dahdah, Founder & CEO of Vantage

Do you think that you missed the real estate investment window?

Think again. Many opportunities are still available in the real estate market.

Here are some real estate investing opportunities to consider:

Foreclosures – There are still a ton of foreclosed properties out there available at values even under today’s prices. Some of these foreclosures have yet to hit the market because banks do not want to eat huge, one-time losses by making all of their bank-owned properties available at once. Even in a robust economy, foreclosures can be found under market value.

Rental – The rental property demand is surging. People that lost their homes in the real estate downturn need a place to live. Many of them, who found themselves underwater on their homes and just walked away, still have paying jobs and can afford rental payments.

High Demand for Private Investor Funds – One way to capitalize on the real estate investing opportunities out there today is to loan money to real estate investors. Real estate investors are increasingly looking to private sources of money.  Bank loans, particularly for real estate, have become hard to secure. A large portion of the private lending market is currently focused on short-term (less than two years) notes. The strategy is focused on high-volume, higher interest loans.

A Self-Directed IRA Will Allow You to Invest in Real Estate – If cash on hand is committed to living expenses, college savings funds, and otherwise tied up, a Self-Directed IRA gives you a number of ways to take advantage of the real estate investing opportunities in the marketplace today.  The promise of better returns and disappointing brokerage IRA earnings are prompting many to pursue alternatives available via a Self-Directed IRA. A qualified Self-Directed IRA company like Vantage can review alternative options with you.

If you are still interested in getting into the real estate market, it is not too late.  Plenty of real estate investment opportunities and creative ways to make your funds work harder still exist.

What is your real estate investment strategy?

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