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Sell Direction Letter

Use this form to sell a secured or unsecured note held by your IRA.
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What documents must be submitted to sell a portion or all of a promissory note or deed of trust held within my IRA?

You will need to submit a completed and executed Sell Direction Letter to Vantage.  A Vantage Investment Specialist will then provide you with a list of additional documents that will need to be received in good order to process the sale.

What fees are associated with the sale of a promissory note or deed of trust?

There is a $125 transaction fee to process the sale of a note from your IRA regardless of the value of the note.  A detailed overview of all account fees can be found in the Fee Schedule.

How can I send funds to my IRA?

Vantage will accept funds via wire, ACH, or check. When submitting funds electronically, reference our Incoming Wire, ACH, and Check Delivery Instructions to ensure proper identification of the funds when they are received by our office.