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Credit Card Authorization Form

Use this form to pay your account management fees.
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How can I pay my IRA account fees?

IRA account fees are paid via the method you chose on your most recent Fee Schedule. If that method is unsuccessful, the fees will be automatically deducted from the un-invested cash balance in your IRA account.  Should you prefer to pay your IRA account fees with a different method, please complete a new Fee Schedule.  If the un-invested cash held within your IRA account is not sufficient, please choose from one of the four methods below.

  • Call our office to make a payment over the phone (866-459-4580)
  • Online through our payment portal
  • Submit a completed Credit Card Authorization form online
  • Mail a check to our office

How can I check the balance of the fees owed on my IRA account?

By logging onto our online payment portal.