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Use this form to move funds from one IRA to another IRA.
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How do I transfer funds from my current IRA held at another custodian to a Vantage Self-Directed IRA?

Incoming IRA transfer requests to a IRA must be initiated by the account holder.  To initiate this process, an IRA Transfer Form must be completed and submitted to Vantage along with a copy of the most recent IRA statement from the current custodian.  This form requires an original signature and some custodians also require a Medallion Guarantee Stamp.  Please inquire with your current custodian on whether a Medallion Guarantee Stamp is required by them to help avoid any delays in your transfer request.

What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp and why do I need it?

The Medallion Guarantee Stamp is a special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. It is a guarantee by the transferring financial institution the signature is genuine and the financial institution accepts liability for any forgery. Please confirm with your resigning custodian if it will be required as only certain custodians require this stamp to process your request.

Are there fees associated with a transfer of cash to Vantage?

No, there are no Vantage fees associated with an incoming cash transfer.  Please note your current custodian may have fees for terminating an account, processing liquidation of assets and/or sending a wire.

How long does a transfer take?

We often see the IRA transfer process range anywhere from seven to twenty-one business days. The resigning custodian, not Vantage, controls the timing of the IRA transfer process.  You will be notified by Vantage once your transfer has been sent and received by your resigning custodian.

What does it mean to liquidate my assets?

When you liquidate your assets, you are selling a portion or all of your stock market based investment assets to obtain the cash proceeds.  Please note it takes the trade date plus three days to settle a liquidation request of stock market based holdings.  Vantage does not accept in-kind or ACAT transfers of stock market based assets.  We will only accept cash or in-kind transfers of alternative assets into your Vantage IRA.

How do I liquidate my assets at my resigning custodian?

Contact your resigning custodian to place an order to liquidate (sell) all or a portion of your stock market based holdings.  Please note your resigning custodian will not allow Vantage to provide instructions to liquidate assets.  Liquidation orders must be made by the account holder and/or the investment advisor of record.

Why does Vantage need a copy of my current IRA statement with my transfer form?

With your statement, we verify the account you are transferring assets from is active along with the account name, number and type.

What does an “in-kind” transfer mean?

In-kind means you are transferring an alternative asset (not cash) to or from your Self-Directed IRA without buying or selling the asset.  In-kind transfers require your alternative asset be re-registered in the name of the receiving custodian.  Please note a re-registration fee of $125 will apply for each incoming in-kind alternative asset transfer to your Vantage IRA.

Will I be notified when the funds and/or asset is received by Vantage?

Yes, we will notify you via email once the funds or assets have been received.

When will funds be available to make an investment purchase?

Funds received via personal check will be placed on a five business day hold. Funds received via bank draft will be placed on a two business day hold. Funds received via wire or cashier’s check will be available the next business day following their deposit into your IRA.

How can I send funds to my IRA?

Vantage will accept funds via wire, ACH, or check. When submitting funds electronically, reference our Incoming Wire, ACH, and Check Delivery Instructions to ensure proper identification of the funds when they are received by our office.