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Buy Direction Letter

Use this form to purchase units or shares in an IRA LLC.
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What is the process to purchase an IRA LLC?

Once you have established a Vantage Self-Directed IRA and created a new single member LLC in which your IRA is defined as the 100% sole member, you will need to submit a completed Buy Direction Letter – Private Company along with the copy of the Operating Agreement or Subscription Agreement to Vantage. It is highly encouraged you seek the help of a legal professional to implement the IRA LLC entity as they are a unique structure that should not be treated the same as a non-IRA LLC set up.

What are the fees associated with creating the IRA LLC structure for my IRA?

There is a $125 transaction fee to purchase of IRA LLC shares/units within your IRA regardless of the value of the asset purchase. A detailed overview of all account fees can be found in the Fee Schedule.

Can my IRA partner with others utilizing an LLC structure? Does the partnership need to be 50%/50% split?

Yes, your IRA can co-invest with other investors under an LLC structure as long as it does not create a Prohibited Transaction under IRC Section 4975. The partnership does not have to be a 50%/50% split. Percentages of ownership can be defined by the partners based on the amount of money being invested by each partner.

Does Vantage create the operating agreement and/or subscription agreement?

No, Vantage does not offer this service. Contact us for our Resource List for a list of legal professionals.

How should the ownership of my IRA be titled within the LLC documentation?

The ownership of IRA’s investment into an LLC should be titled as follows: Vantage FBO (client name) IRA

Does there need to be a Manager assigned on the Operating Agreement of my IRA LLC?

Yes, there must be a manager designated within the LLC Operating Agreement. The IRA LLC must be “Manager Managed” and not “Member Managed”.