How Will the Election Affect the Stock Market?

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Every four years, like clockwork, the United States holds its collective breath.

Americans everywhere wait to see if there will be a significant shift in the country’s leadership and impact the markets.
With a pandemic still impacting the nation, investors are even more concerned than they would otherwise be.

How will the election affect the stock market? Are my investments safe? What will happen if there is a leadership change across the country? These are fair questions to ask. As we enter the fourth quarter, investors want to see positive returns, not fear your future’s stability.

But is there a more stable option to the volatility of the stock market?

For some answers, we can turn to a great resource put out by U.S. Bank. They performed a historical analysis of past presidential elections and applied the outcomes to the current election. Their findings and predictions are worth a look.

U.S. Bank’s historical analysis of the impact of presidential elections shows pending volatility. It supports an idea that we at Vantage talk about a lot—that private market IRA investor portfolios have key advantages compared to market ones.
Research data shows that alternative asset strategies are less susceptible to public market volatility, making them a strong investment option for the election season.

Today’s investor wants to know that their nest egg is safe.

Investors desire the long-term growth and tax-favored benefits an IRA can provide, but they also want to avoid so much market volatility.

That’s why, at Vantage, we spend much time discussing alternative asset strategies with our clients. By leveraging alternative investments, clients can avoid the market’s election season swings and stabilize their portfolios.

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