(Ad)Vantage to Your Retirement Strategy

financial philosophy(Ad)Vantage to Your Retirement Strategy

Why should you consider establishing a Self-Directed IRA?  If you already have a Vantage Self-Directed IRA, why did you choose this type of retirement account?  The truth is that a Self-Directed IRA is not for everyone.  If fact, you should not be a Self-Directed IRA owner unless you can clearly outline the reasons why this type of IRA fits within your overall financial philosophy.  Self-Directed IRA holders are a purpose driven bunch.  We do not do things by default, we do them by design.  We believe that Money is Personal® and we are committed to asking ourselves the right questions in an effort to make better  financial decisions.

There are many advantages to a Self-Directed IRA, but each individual investor must connect on a personal level to the perceived value that adding a Vantage Self-Directed IRA will have on their financial journey.  I will list 3 advantages commonly shared by Self-Directed IRA advocates.  Then, I encourage to reflect on whether you connect to any of them on a personal level.

AdVantage #1:  Virtually Unlimited Alternative Investment Choices

A Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest in opportunities beyond the stock market.  Should your investment appetite include asset classes such as real estate, private companies, promissory notes, private equity, start-ups, oil & gas partnerships, green energy or any other alternative investment, having a Vantage Self-Directed IRA can help.

AdVantage #2:  Complete Investment Control with Higher Yields

We lovingly call Vantage clients “Investment Control Freaks” because the personality traits of our account holders are those people who love being in control of their money and do not wish to delegate major financial decisions to other people.  Typically, having the ability to have complete investment control increases your chances of experiencing higher yields.  If you like to invest on your terms, having a Vantage Self-Directed IRA can help.

AdVantage #3:  Increased Diversification, Reduced Volatility and Risk

Investors who drink the diversification kool-aid love a Self-Directed IRA because they allow account holders to diversify their retirement portfolios into alternative, non-correlated asset classes, to the volatility found within publicly traded securities.  Investors with a high degree of financial literacy understand true diversification is only achieved when you have a portion of your money allocated into opportunities that will not perform in direct synchrony with the traditional marketplace.  If you are seeking to truly diversify your savings, having a Vantage Self-Directed IRA makes sense.

I know you are probably thinking, “This sounds too good to be true.”  Well, it isn’t.  For less than what you pay for a steak dinner at a fancy local restaurant, all of these advantages could and will be yours when you direct your IRA savings with Vantage!

Happy Investing!!