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“ Vantage has been a Godsend. I needed a third party administrator who could understand complex, non-traditional assets and transfers of ownerships. They were the only company that I found to be competent, knowledgeable, and responsive. They handle all my work and I highly recommend their services. ”

Craig Coppola, Real Estate Broker, Phoenix, AZ

“ As we were discussing ways for me to diversify my retirement portfolio, my personal CPA introduced me to Vantage. My experience has been exceptional. Their warm, friendly, and helpful personalized level of service is unmatched. I feel they have my best interests at heart. I also appreciate that Vantage offers free weekly educational workshops to anyone interested in learning about a Self-Directed IRA. I highly recommend Vantage to investors looking to take advantage of self-directed tax-favored retirement plans. ”

Kim Jensen, Realtor®, Glendale, AZ

“ I knew a Self-Directed IRA was available, but I waited until I could avoid penalty fees before I started purchasing precious metals within my retirement account. I don’t know if this is going to be one of my better investments, but it certainly offers greater diversity. ”

Dean Gillespie, La Habra, CA

“ I’ve seen a big increase in clients inquiring about a Self-Directed IRA. For the right investor who has the right advice and advisors, self-directed plans provide a nice alternative to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. ”

Ralph Nelson, Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

“ I had money in my retirement account that I wanted to put to work in an investment with a great location and patio. After seeing one of Vantage’s ads on CNBC, I contacted them for help in purchasing a membership interest in that privately held company. The tax benefits are huge. If you pick the right ventures, there are so many opportunities. ”

Sandra Portney, Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

“ A friend of mine introduced me and my husband to the concept of investing in real estate to grow our 401k and recommended we sign up for the free classes offered by Vantage. We were skeptical at first, but quickly became eager to learn more and took several classes to become educated with the process. The classes are short and full of information. Vantage clearly communicates the IRS rules about investing with IRA and 401k dollars. We came to learn that Vantage is a highly regarded professional organization with a great reputation. We acted on the information, purchased an investment property, and thus far have had an excellent experience. The knowledge we gained from Vantage made us realize that investing in real estate further diversified our existing portfolio. We are optimistic about the future growth our investment property will bring us! ”

Sharon Woods, Cave Creek, AZ

“ It is a pleasure to work with the talented group of individuals at Vantage. The workshops, the video tutorials, and the personalized attention are unsurpassed in this industry. I have total confidence in referring friends, family, clients, and business associates to this organization because I can trust them to respectfully handle my referrals with timely and accurate service and attention to detail. Vantage is a 1st class operation from the front to the back office. ”

Carol Perry, Phoenix, AZ

“ I have been a happy Vantage client for several years. I use my Vantage IRA LLC to invest in tax liens. I would not want to invest any other way. As a lawyer and CPA, I value service and dependability. Vantage has been top notch on both. I not only refer clients to Vantage, but the Company is also the Administrator for my personal IRA. They have been terrific to deal with. Being able to attend numerous Self-Directed IRA workshops at their office has been a valuable bonus. Vantage both educates clients on how a Self-Directed IRA works and shows you the investment flexibility this account offers. I have referred numerous people to Vantage to set up a Self-Directed IRA and I plan to continue to do so. ”

Phillip GlasscockCPA and Attorney at Law, Scottsdale, AZ

“ Excited about the prospect of making investment decisions with my husband’s and my 401k, I attended a Realtor® Lunch and Learn class a couple of years ago at Vantage’s office. I went home and told my husband about the program. We promptly began the process of moving our 401k to a Vantage Self-Directed IRA. Everyone at Vantage was so helpful. Anytime I had questions about the next step, or when I wanted to make sure that I was doing something correctly, they were right there ready to help. I could email or call and always get an answer. We now have a nice portfolio of rental and seller carry homes that are steadily and rapidly growing our retirement account. We are not stressed when we look at our retirement balances any more! Thanks Vantage! ”

Chris RussellRealtor®, Glendale, AZ

“ Excellent service and support are Vantage’s standard operating procedure. I cannot imagine how the service and support could be any better. I have always been committed to supporting local businesses and choose them whenever possible. The recent operational changes that resulted in the company being locally owned and operated is an extra bonus. Thanks for the exceptional service! ”

Bill RobertsFountain Hills, AZ

“ Vantage’s help, kindness, and professionalism have gone far above and beyond the call of duty! This has been a most trying time for me, and Vantage has helped me navigate through this and calm the waters. I have never experienced this level of customer service! ”

Don StruberOro Valley, AZ