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Alternative Investment Transaction Experience and Knowledge at Your Service

If your investment appetite expands beyond traditional investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds, Vantage is pleased to serve you …. WELCOME!


Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans is the premiere retirement plan administration company catering to individuals and small business owners alike. We excel at helping you understand your choices and the powerful flexibility self-directed retirement plans offer. We currently serve more than 6,500 clients nationwide.

Because we know that your money is personal and that you are naturally cautious about concepts that are fairly new, our goal is to turn your potential confusion about alternative investment transactions into confidence! Our knowledgeable staff makes time to listen, empowers you with the IRA facts you need to make more informed investment decisions, and focuses on helping you implement your desired investment solutions. It is extremely rewarding to share information that makes the complex simple. This is the Vantage difference!

Vantage’s Administrator Role

  • Guide investors through the alternative asset transaction process
  • Share status updates each step of the way during a transaction
  • Accept retirement plan contributions and process distributions
  • Request all necessary documents to process transactions
  • Receive investment income and pay investment expenses
  • IRS Reporting (Forms 5498 and 1099)
  • Free education that facilitates our clients’ knowledge of self-directed investment transactions

  • DO NOT provide any investment advice
  • DO NOT sell or endorse specific investment products
  • DO NOT carry out any form of due diligence or qualifying of an investment
  • DO NOT regulate or approve a transaction’s legitimacy or investment merit
  • DO NOT evaluate whether a transaction is permissible or prohibited
  • DO NOT manage assets