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Can you remember the last time you went to a workshop and weren’t sold something? At the Vantage Self-Directed IRA Knowledge Center, we understand that improving the financial literacy of the investment community is the first step to providing real value. We take pride in helping you gain the comfort you need to make more informed investment decisions by sharing both the facts and misconceptions of Self-Directed IRA investing via a multitude of free educational opportunities.

Every week we offer both an introductory and an advanced workshop that helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of the flexibility available through a Self-Directed IRA. And for all of the real estate professionals out there, we offer a class twice per month on Friday designed specifically to help you educate your clients on the opportunity to invest in real estate with their Self-Directed IRA. In addition, our “Discover Your Alternatives” Educational Series features investment experts who have agreed to be our Educators within specific alternative asset investment categories.

We do not provide investment advice nor do we endorse any products or services in any of our workshops. Our focus is on offering FREE education on the brass tacks concepts and information that a potential self-directed investor would appreciate being enlightened to regarding “how to” maximize a retirement plan portfolio through increased investment choice and control. While most of our workshops are offered in our Self-Directed IRA Knowledge Center, we do present to professional groups (10 person minimum). If you are a professional interested in a group presentation, please contact us to discuss how we can serve you.

Register for one of our FREE Workshops, gain knowledge about the power of your self-directed account, perform your due diligence and consult with your trusted advisors. Financial intelligence without a sales pitch. More of the Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans difference!

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