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Making The Complex Simple

The decision to take control of your financial future through alternative assets is one thing. Mastering the self-directed investment process is another. Enter the ‘Comfort Zone’ – a place of step-by-step tools that help you gain comfort and an understanding of the transaction process.


• Need Clarity About Vantage’s Services or Fees?
• Want to Open or Fund Your Account?
• Need Help Completing a Form?
• Purchasing an Investment?
• Paying Expenses on an IRA-Owned Asset?
• Taking a Distribution?

Click the tabs in the box below to navigate through the five process stages and access time-saving form completion videos as well as helpful transaction forms, visual flowcharts, and user-friendly investment purchase checklists.

Prohibited Transactions

While self-directed retirement plans allow you investment control of a wide range of assets, there are some transactions and investments to be cautious of. The basic concept of an IRA is that it is a trust intended to benefit you when you retire. When you invest through a self-directed account, your IRA, not you, owns the investment. You own the account. As such, there are some types of self-directed transactions that could disqualify your IRA and subject it to taxation and penalties.
See The Prohibited Transactions Here


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